Bracelet: “ocean breeze” – amazonite – aventurine




Bracelet: “ocean breeze”

This bracelet has the perfect beach look, but has besides it’s beauty also a purpose by the crystals. Amazonite for rest, balance and hope; in combination with green aventurine, which represent a new beginning and prosperity. This bracelet supports you by difficult steps in life. Like a first toe dip in the ice cold water of the ocean. Once submerged you will figure out it will just refresh. The bracelet is alternated with different colours wooden beads to ensure your contact with nature and the earth.

Handmade: When creating these bracelets I’m guided by intuition an got the names and meanings channelled by the universe. All our products are handmade and selected with care. All crystals are cleaned and charged in moonlight before use.

When normal usage we provide up to one month guaranty. Please contact us when having any troubles we would like to see happy costumers.

Used materials: high-end stretch elastic, wooden beads, amazonite, green aventurine.

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